Top Tips to Raise your Game

We would like to share some great tips  from The Caterer.
In our industry where everyone’s 5 minutes late before they’ve even started, there’s a rather whimsical outlook that you can start from scratch in the New Year.

In light of this, our partner Travel Technology Europe have put together three top New Year resolution picks for 2018, each one helping you to raise your game for the year ahead.

1. Stay on trend
Pinpoint key trends for 2018 that will impact travel technology and show your colleagues how industry savvy you are.
How? Simply join our session ‘CTO Question Time’ that explores topics including legacy systems, digital transformation, cybersecurity, AI and Brexit.

2. Be tech savvy
Don’t let tech changes overwhelm you in 2018.Find out how different lodgings stay competitive when using new technology in our much-anticipated session ‘Understanding the technology needs of alternative lodging sectors’.

3. New approach, new revenue
Make 2018 the year you own channel revenue by refreshing your approach.

All you need is a good balance between channels, revenues and profit to achieve this, so we’ve brought in ICE Technology Services to reveal how you can boost your thinking in the New Year in our programme slot ‘Optimising channel mix and revenue’.

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