What’s on the Plate? Hot diggedy dog.

We thought we’d seen every sausage known to man at our local Farmer’s Markets but word on the street is that the new trend in London is …hot dog stands!

Gourmet Hot Dogs
Gourmet Hot Dogs

We are not talking mystery meat with soggy onions though. A new breed of the super-duper gourmet hotdogs and sausage stands have emerged and are the next ‘must haves’ for parties and weddings.

According to trend spotting blogger Bubbledog, the hottest dog in town is all about double-smoked blends of pork and beef topped off with marjoram and caramelised lettuce.  In London, Dach & Sons are pairing gourmet hotdogs with craft beer and whiskey, with sides of bone-marrow popcorn. And our friends in lostincatering.com have reported a new Champagne and Hotdog joint coming online from James Knappett (ex-The Ledbury) with a price tag of £6 with toppings such as chilli and coriander or BLT with mayo, chilli and avocado. You heard it here first.



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