WhitePepper Chef Academy 

WhitePepper students at their stations

WhitePepper, established in 2010, is a leading chef academy with international appeal. Named ‘People’s Choice Best Small Cookery School 2015’, we joined the UK’s Top 30 Schools at the Independent Cookery School Association in 2016 and appointed a new Michelin starred Chef Director in January 2017.

Students at WhitePepper can expect an inspirational experience, an immediate increase in kitchen confidence and rapid development of practical cookery skills, regardless of their cookery focus; lifestyle or professional.

Professional training prepares students for the commercial kitchen, assist foodpreneurs realise their dreams or provide necessary life skills to those on a Gap Year. Comprising of an internationally recognised qualification in Culinary Arts as well as optional extension courses in butchery, business, photography and foraging.

New to 2017, inspired by the burgeoning food trend of patisserie is a 5 day masterclass with Mark Bennett (BIA Craft Baker), attracting professionals and enthusiasts in equal measures!

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 Contact details enquiries@white-pepper.co.uk 01202 280050