Tante Marie Culinary Academy

Tante Marie Culinary Academy is a cookery school and restaurant in the centre of Woking

As the UK’s oldest independent cookery school, Tante Marie Culinary Academy has developed an internationally acclaimed reputation for excellence, with graduates running successful food businesses around the world.

At Tante Marie Culinary Academy we are focused entirely on teaching practical cookery skills in a state of the art environment which is supportive and fun, whilst also ensuring our students develop the high levels of discipline required to cook beautiful food to the highest standards. We are focused on ensuring our graduates leave us with a complete range of culinary skills which will enable them to adapt to any environment where food really matters, and to present themselves as highly skilled and inspirational cooks, with exciting career prospects ahead of them.

Tante Marie has cookery courses for everyone, ranging from 1 day to 1 year and our unique relationships with the industry, including our business partners at Gordon Ramsay Holdings means that our courses are constantly being developed to meet the demanding needs of the industry. Since Tante Marie Cookery School was founded in 1954, we have changed the lives of many thousands of graduates who have completed our courses, and continue to set the standards in culinary education.