General Considerations Regarding ICSA PGPs

Definitions: Principles are precepts grounded in an ethic and ethos of “doing the right thing”; practices are common activities.

Implementation: ICSA recommends that on the agenda of individual schools and that of organisations and companies’ leaders initiate programming that educates school professionals and volunteers to the PGPs so that individuals use them to guide decision-making, especially in arenas that are fraught with potential challenges. Recommended implementation strategies include:

• Members select PGPs, inviting other members and ICSA to review them for applicability and   compliance in their cookery school, organisation or company and to tease out common themes   across the set of PGPs (such as ethics, transparency, standards of excellence, and inclusivity).

• Faculty and staff attending sessions at ICSA conferences and workshops and those of other   independent school organisations devoted to the actualisation of the PGPs in school operations   and validation of them via the accreditation and strategic planning processes.

Modifications: If an ICSA member school or other ICSA member  wishes to use a modified version of an ICSA Principle of Good Practice that is more detailed for its specific use, we ask that the school or group include on the resulting document the following statement: “This document is based on the ICSA Principles of Good Practice created by the Independent Cookery Schools’ Association.”

Concerns about Possible Violations of ICSA PGPs: ICSA recognizes there may be various interpretations of how the PGPs apply to each member and that, in some cases, one principle may conflict with another. Schools may air their concerns by contacting  In the case of inquiries to ICSA about possible violations that have legal or accreditation implications, ICSA refers enquirers first back to the cookery school, and if that doesn’t resolve the question, to the cookery school’s accrediting body or to ICSA legal counsel which is available to all paid-up members, as the case may dictate.