The Sustainable Restaurant Association



In August 2015 ICSA and the Sustainable Restaurant Association formed a strategic partnership as organisations that share the core value of sustainability.

We care about where our food comes from, the energy we use to cook it and what we do with our waste. We strive as food educators to lessen our impact on the planet and to be accountable for our policies.

‘The Food Made Good Sustainability Rating shows customers that you are passionate about serving great quality food in a way that isn t costing the earth. The rating is based on a holistic assessment of your business, covering 14 key-areas that consider your societysourcing and environmental practices. This in-depth look into your business allows us to accredit the great things you re doing and give you a snapshot of opportunity areas for improvement. Assessments are carefully tailored to business type, so whether you run a restaurant, cafe , hotel, pub, contract caterer or something else altogether our assessment will be fitting and suitable to your requirements.’

Sustainable Restaurant Association