1000 Cookbooks

1000 Cookbooks app comp image

In mid-2017, 1000 Cookbooks will launch a subscription service providing convenient digital access from any device to a collection of the best cookbooks in the English language. Subscribers will be able to quickly look up recipes from their most-loved authors, follow recommendations from trusted names, and discover popular favourites, lost classics and hidden gems.

At launch, the 1000 Cookbooks will span 350+ titles encompassing 100,000 recipes. It will bring together key reference content from Escoffier’s Complete Guide to the Art of Modern Cookery, Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking and Alan Davidson’s Oxford Companion to Food, along with the best classic and contemporary cookbooks from both sides of the Atlantic.

The 1000 Cookbooks service will be available to individuals for £8.99 for month, with site licenses available for culinary schools and professional kitchens.

The 1000 Cookbooks ranking of the best cookbooks of all time can already be explored on our website (www.1000cookbooks.com). Based on top 10 lists from more than 700 leading chefs and authors, it offers a fascinating picture of the cookbook literature and the paths of culinary influence.

Visit the 1000 Cookbooks website here